aka Steven James

  • I live in Red Dead Wiki And TEW Games Wiki
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is Administrator on Red Dead Wiki And Adopter Of TEW Games Wiki
  • I am An Aspiring Wrestling Promoter
  • JamesTheNerdKing

    Administrators are a group of people who possess power in some shape or size. They may rule over a chat, or perhaps they may rule over a wiki, but they have power in some kind of way. However, if one takes a look at any of the many wikis that have died or became troll infested pits of bubbling, disgusting, revolting trolls, then you'll see not everyone is fit for the role of an Administrator. I am going to discuss a few things that, in my opinion, every Administrator should possess.

    This blog is not in response to any event and is targeted at no individuals. Any individual who takes this as an insult, argument, or trolling can read the disclaimer and move on, or complain in a comment. This blog is to be posted elsewhere besides this particu…

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  • JamesTheNerdKing


    January 7, 2017 by JamesTheNerdKing

    TheIndependant40, Mantiix, AndreyFD, and Gunshow20, trolls. They have constantly cyberbullied me for the past few months. They made my friend turn against me. They have used my pictures, on a wiki I got closed down. They tried to taunt me on Facebook. I'd report them to Fandom, but I can't get the proof. Everytime I do, I get blocked, or trolled, or it gets deleted. Not even my friend, MonkeyPolice188, believes me. He doesn't even read my explanations. Those 4 trolls, who basically run GTA Myths Wiki, have trolled other users. They've vandalized wikis. Mantiix is even blocked by Wikia until January 9, 2017, probably because his snobby nosed self, wasn't able to keep a user from reporting him with proof. No matter what wiki I went to, they …

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