TheIndependant40, Mantiix, AndreyFD, and Gunshow20, trolls. They have constantly cyberbullied me for the past few months. They made my friend turn against me. They have used my pictures, on a wiki I got closed down. They tried to taunt me on Facebook. I'd report them to Fandom, but I can't get the proof. Everytime I do, I get blocked, or trolled, or it gets deleted. Not even my friend, MonkeyPolice188, believes me. He doesn't even read my explanations. Those 4 trolls, who basically run GTA Myths Wiki, have trolled other users. They've vandalized wikis. Mantiix is even blocked by Wikia until January 9, 2017, probably because his snobby nosed self, wasn't able to keep a user from reporting him with proof. No matter what wiki I went to, they found me, and trolled me. Did the staff there do anything. Clearly not, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this now would I. I don't know why they want to troll me, I don't know why they picked me. What do they expect, huh? For me to commit suicide? Well to bad for you little pests, because I know that stuff doesn't solve problems. It just gives new problems to other people. I've tried to run from my past, and the Internet is a place for me to get away from reality. Now, even the freaking internet, or at least here, can't be an escape for me. I don't care what those trolls think, because what they think, doesn't matter. They are just low down, dirty trolls, who sit in a basement annoying people, and trying to cause them pain. Well guess what you four. I don't feel any pain from your actions. I'm done letting yall trying to get to me. So shut up, and let people enjoy their time on Facebook, on Wikia, online.