• Jammer8835512

    It was a normal day I was just having a nice seat in jamma getting good trades and I saw a new jammer people were always creeped by them but I thought it was mean cause I was from the beta days so I accepted...Normally I was on till midnight and there was a lot of new jammers and they never stopped dancing and dancing and dancing I always wounder so I asked..."Hello". I said nice "h h hello"...she said putting on a weird emoji I was creeped so I decided to log off...The next day I ate breakfast got dressed (etc) I went on Animal Jam when I logged on it was normal until the new jammer came...The lights went out and went pitch black and all I could hear was "WERE HAVING FUN RIGHT?!!?!!""UHH.."i said in real life.I ran but my door was locked …

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