It was a normal day I was just having a nice seat in jamma getting good trades and I saw a new jammer people were always creeped by them but I thought it was mean cause I was from the beta days so I accepted...Normally I was on till midnight and there was a lot of new jammers and they never stopped dancing and dancing and dancing I always wounder so I asked..."Hello". I said nice "h h hello"...she said putting on a weird emoji I was creeped so I decided to log off...The next day I ate breakfast got dressed (etc) I went on Animal Jam when I logged on it was normal until the new jammer came...The lights went out and went pitch black and all I could hear was "WERE HAVING FUN RIGHT?!!?!!""UHH.."i said in real life.I ran but my door was locked and I couldn't open my windows my room turned black and the light was on the computer...She typed "LETS HAVE TEA!" I sunddenly felt vines up my back and tieing my arms and mouth...She said "WE CANT HAVE YOU MISS IT!"BLOOD UESSED DOWN MY BACK AND I FELL...To the ground to find me in the game and as her and she was in my body..."SEE WE TRADED OUR BEST STUFF!" she said "WHAT DOSE THAT MEAN?"i said she replyed darkly WERE WERE WERE best buddies and now im still this stupid animal puppet and I will always have my owner my master me me...And she always and never stops sayig "WERE BEST BUDDIES"