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Janetdobbs February 26, 2014 User blog:Janetdobbs

What is trademark registration?

It has become extremely important to get your intellectual property registered. Trademark registration acts like a prevention from getting your idea from theft. This way no one else can register for the products or even services that fall under your trademark. In Australia when you think of the registration you will have to know certain things about it. Knowing the eligibility criteria for applying will be helpful.

If you are thinking to apply for the trademark registration you will have to do it individually. You can also be the owner of the company or belong to incorporated association or combination of them to apply for trademark. But make sure you cannot use your trading name when you apply for trademark. Use your name and mention yourself to be the owner to apply for the trademark. If you wish to apply a trademark for your corporation you will have to mention your corporation's name.

When it comes to 'trust', all the members will have to sign in for the application of trademark. You cannot do it single handedly. Same are the rules for associations. Every member of the association will have to give in their confirmation.

For trademark registration you should nominate all the services and goods that you think should be trademarked. This is to protect your unique business products or solutions. However, do not forget to protect all your products or ideas that are unique to your business.

Hunt down good trademark lawyers. Lawyers can be helpful whenever you think of trademark application process. Be careful while mentioning the details about your services or products that you wish to trademark. Maintain accuracy and the details have to be as much descriptive as possible.

Only lawyers can help you the best when you apply for trademark registration. There will be no mistakes while applying for the trademark. All the details that need to be filled correctly will be mentioned correctly.
The next thing you will have to be careful about is running a trademark search Australia. This is like a precaution that your entry does not conflict with any of the pre-registered ones.

If you apply for same product there is a guarantee that the trademark will be denied. There is also a possibility that the involved party may take actions as per the trademark infringement Australia.
The examiners will have to determine whether your mark is worth registering. There is stage that is called as 'pre-assessment'. During this stage you will come to know whether or not your product is approved for trademark.

If you wish that your products or the services to be accepted, you will have to create distinguishing products that are unusual. Most importantly they have to be original. Also you will have to come up with unique trademark for the product or service.

In case you ever feel that the process is confusing you can hop on a professional help. Lawyers will assist you in registering. They will help you out in every way to know everything that is related to the process of registering for a trademark.

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