I'm keeping a table of my personal self-imposed challenges and goals so I can check them as complete when I finish them. I'm thinking of this as an addendum to the Stats page we currently have. Eventually if we get official badgesfor some of these, I'll delete them from my table.

I'm still learning about Key to the Kennelsand Orb of Rebirth but I don't know if I want to start over after I reach level 100. I'd think that it will take many, many levels to complete all these achievements.

Done? Goal/Achievement Quest Date Level
Gryphon Bingo The Fiery Gryphon
Hedgehog Bingo The Hedgebeast
Deer Bingo The Spirit of Spring
Rat Bingo The Rat King
Octopus Bingo The Call of Octothulu
Seahorse Bingo The Dilatory Derby
Parrot Bingo Help! Harpy!