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  • JasiJazz10

    Crack The Riddles!!!!!!!

    September 7, 2015 by JasiJazz10

    A horse is on a 24 foot chain and wants an apple that is 26 feet away. How can the horse get to the apple?

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  • JasiJazz10

    How to act around your crush is a difficult question to answer because so many different people have so many different opinions. Firstly i think i should point out that i was asked to do this by quite a few people. Here is what i would do:

    1. Get to know him/her: become friends with your crush and always do your hair well if your a girl. be sure to let your crush know that you want to be friends with him and i assure you they will eventually fall for you.

    2. Create a love/hate realationship with your crush: this is a good way to get to know the person and to get to know them.

    3. Mention whats going on in other people love life to them (if your at school mention if other people have started dating): at my school we have a French Dinner comming up …

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