One that day it was louis birthday and Chris and Meg gave they mother at the dinner table a smokest paste.Peter gave his wife louis a CD disc that he brought and then listened to it . Bryan brought louis two tickets to go onto a cruise . Peter got mad because they all agreed to by a gift for louis for only $20.So louis say peter why are you mad u get to go on the cruise with me  . Louis said you know Bryan didn't mean to by the ticket for me to go with him .Bryan said well great this is a bigger waste of time for me even for window song writing .Louis say to her kids now you behave your self's  while me and your father is gone .Peter said Bryan stay out of the cat box .Everybody say by to there mother and father and Stewie think's that he's going on the crusie with them so while Peter and Louis are going up the stairs to get onto the boat stewie starts to say bye to bryan .So Bryan said stewie your not going with them they have already borded on the crusie.So while the cruise start's to move Peter start's to throw colorful paper out of the curise saying BYE BYE BYE.Then he start's to throw chairs outside of the curise and other stuff.Peter also throw a ladie of of the crusie. Stewie start's to say you can't leave at least not without me .Stewie start's to say but i'm the baby .Louis