Wikia, Inc. is built on a bedrock of collaboration. Everyday, fans work together on Fandom powered by Wikia to build communities and share what they love. Our new home for charitable giving,, is designed specifically to highlight another type of collaboration that is key to our values as a company: advocacy and charitable efforts. Wikia, Inc., the parent company of Fandom and, is committed to giving back to the global community through social awareness, volunteer work, and donations.

As part of that commitment, we want to give our Fandom communities the chance to channel their passions for helping others by voting on causes that are important to them.

We are proud to announce our first annual community selection process for our annual giving. We're using a bracket tournament experience to have you choose to which United States-based nonprofit we'll donate a portion of our 2016 revenue. To do this, we've partnered with Bright Funds, a commercial fundraiser that lets you easily and effectively manage charitable giving.

Here's how you can help: vote on our 2016 Tournament of Giving bracket tournament. On that page, you will find a list of 64 nonprofits curated just for by Bright Funds. Using the tournament interface, you can choose which nonprofit you think we should donate to. The selected nonprofits are the best in class for their category, and we invite you to read through the list and then vote.

The tournament will be regularly updated as more nonprofits work their way to the top, so check back often to keep voting in each new round. This December, we will announce the nonprofit we are donating to.

Thank you all for helping to make a difference for one social nonprofit. Through your participation, you're helping change lives.

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