Hey Wikians!

In the past year or so, our staff has been growing substantially and many work in roles you may never see. Everyone from HR to designers to marketing to sales and, of course, our new CEO.

So, what are we going to do about it?

This Friday, December 16, the Wikia staff will be spending the entire work day on Wikia - we’ll be contributing, editing and creating new wikis in this first Wikia Day.
Usb guys up to mischief

The goal is to have everyone on staff gain more experience using Wikia from all fronts.

We’re going to hold staff contests in the following areas:

  • Best looking new wikis (for those created during Wikia Day)
  • Most ambitious or well traveled (for those staff who clean up or edit across lots of wikis)
  • Most bugs found or reported
  • And a secret award we’ll announce later!

What can you expect?

  • Respect - the Wikia staff will be introducing themselves (likely via User Pages unless you have chat active on your wiki)
    • We aren’t going to come in and undo your work
  • Teams!
    • Discover Team - Wikia staff will be on the lookout for exciting wikis we haven’t seen yet
    • Meet & Greet Team - Wikia staff will be introducing themselves to founders and admins and offering assistance
    • Bling Team - More advanced staff members will be offering help blinging out wikis with new themes, layouts etc
    • Create Team - Just like it sounds. Wikia staff on this team will be doing what you do: Creating a new wiki based on their expertise and interest
    • Participation Team - These folks will be editing, contributing and hanging out on the wikis just like you

And, what do we need from you?

Well, if you have a wiki you’d like some help on let us know in the comments. We can’t promise to get to everyone’s wiki, but we’d love to know what you need. And please, don't bite the staff newbies.

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