This blog is my first. I have been fighting the city, state and federal government for several years to get accessability for anyone with a disability or mobility issue. After almost 3 years , I finally got my husband, who is a bariatric patient, transportation to and from medical appointments. The current ADA Title II "common wheelchair" has posed a HUGE obstacle. If he had been able to get medical treatment 3 years ago, he would probably be able to walk. His diabetes would be in control and he would have lost weight. I am also in a wheelchair with joint and muscle issues.

The fight started with the local transport company for wheelchairs. They took my husband to a couple of appointments after his 3 month rehab stay ended. They decided he was too heavy with his wheelchair and his manual chair was too wide for their lift. I called Medicare, Medicaid, every cab and transport company I could find in the area. No one would help. I went to the Governor and used his "Healthy Indiana" platform to get him to intervene with our local ambulance company. AMR grudgingly took him by gurney to his doctor only. Now that Sam can sit up; AMR refuses to transport him. I then researched some transportation grants and found out our community got federal funds to assist in transport of individuals with disabilities that didn't meet the ADA Title II standards. It took me a lot of phone calls and some in person contact, but he now has Transport by our bus system. I also fought to get curb ramps in our area that has a huge population of elderly and disabled persons. Started that in May 2010 and they started putting in the ramps in September. 33 of them in about a mile and half stretch.

I want to know what issues you have in your area that affect your freedom, any ideas or resources you might share and the successes you've made in your community and life. We need to prove that one person can fight city hall and win.