Hey everyone, it's me, Jessie1010 aka Matt! I've been thinking of this for such a long time and I have no idea what I should do. So basically what I want to ask is should I change my username?

Jessie1010 started in July 2011 when I first made my account. I had heard about the new Disney Channel show JESSIE and I was sooo excited for it! I made the account so I could start editing on the Jessie Wiki (then titled Disney Jessie Series Wiki) and so I could get involved with it and stuff. Then I eventually became admin there and then admin on the Austin & Ally Wiki! And I've had that username for 2 years and a half now. But honestly, it doesn't really fit me anymore. I don't watch Jessie too often anymore, my favorite show is Austin & Ally and I spend most of my time on the Austin & Ally Wiki. I barely ever go on the Jessie Wiki. We're starting a new project, Project: JESSIE, which will focus on cleaning up the wiki but after that, I might leave that wiki. Here are the pros and cons of if I change my username:
  • I'll have a more fitting username.
  • People will stop assuming I'm a girl whenever I go on a new wiki or meet a new user. :P
  • I'll like my username better and it won't be so basic.
  • I'll loose my old username that I had for over 2 years.
  • People may not know I am Jessie1010 when I change it. I have built my entire Wikia career with the username Jessie1010 and if I change it, my Wikia credibility may go down.

So yeah, that's it! Please vote about it below and give me your comments in the comments below! :D Thanks guys!

SHOULD I CHANGE MY USERNAME? (btw sorry in advance for adding thoughts to the answers that you may not even be thinking :P)

Should Jessie1010 change his username?

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IF I DO CHANGE IT, WHAT SHOULD I CHANGE IT TO? (if you like more than one, tell me in the comments please! :))

What should I change it to?

The poll was created at 14:59 on February 4, 2014, and so far 7 people voted.

Thanks for helping me out guys! If I do change it, I will try and get the word out as much as possible before I change it so people will know my username is no longer Jessie1010. :)