hey, i gonna talk to u about scream the tv series because I feel like all you people out their do not watch scream but it's a good show too scary but good. The reason why I think Scream was made is too made a series about whole other dramas, and to tell a story about a girl who has the perfect life and perfect friends, but that all changes when one of her friends is killed who is (Nina Patterson) who is the first to die in the series. The killer later calls Emma aka The main character, at the ending scence that her life was a lie, and that most of her friends are lying to her. Their has also been 4 movies of scream, which you can see on Netflix if u have it. Now you can watch it on this app called showbox were you can watch all movies, and shows that you wanna watch, but its only for the anriods. Theirs a moviebox for the iphone if you want to download it than just ask me and i'll take you step by step. Well that's what the show mostly about if u want any more information about scream than just message me on my message wall, and i'll tell things about scream the tv shows and also about how to download showbox or the anriods, and the iphones. Just message me on my message wall. Thank You Very Much And Have A Nice Sunny Day.