There are 4 types of editors on wikia.

Noobs - people who have just joined wikia and are just getting used to things. (400 edits & lower)

Regular's - People who edit on wikia after school, as a hobby (1000 + edits)

Elite's - People editing everyday (5000+ edits)

Scary - People like this dude.

What if we could get paid 20% of the google traffic we get on our wikia's for making an abnormal amount of edits.

Of course that user would have to meet some requirements

  • Pristine grammar
  • 18 years or older (or have a paypal)
  • Catching serious google traffic
  • major amount of legit edits (800 main edits or more a week)
  • Giving credit where it's due (get all your copyright stuff straight)

Besides, if wikia is adding all these ad's, it should at least be useful to the editors!

This is just an idea! What do you guys think?!