I send a weekly Wikia Gaming update to everyone on the Wikia Staff email list already, but in the IRC chat, joeyaa suggested that I also share things with the community at large via blog posts, which I thought was a good idea, so here it is...

Battlefield Wiki

The Battlefield game series had a new release (Bad Company 2) on March 2nd. On release day, the wiki received a completely redesigned skin and logo.

A week before release, the wiki was averaging about 17,000 pv/day. On March 10th, the wiki peaked at 89,029 pageviews (423% increase). In other stats, the number of editors for February was 48. For March, that number is already at 132 editors (175% increase) with 13 days left in the month. For editors that made at least 5 edits, the number rose from 19 in February to 62 (and counting) for March (226% increase).

Final Fantasy Wiki

Last week saw the release of Final Fantasy 13, which is actually the 28th(!) game of the franchise. This past Saturday, the wiki set an all-time record with 708,675 pageviews. The wiki is 5 years old, so that is quite an accomplishment. Further proof that more and more people know to come to Wikia for their gaming information.

In other news...

This past Monday a press release was issued stating that Wikia Attracts Largest Gaming Audience on the Internet in US. (Feel free to celebrate by joining me in an internet high-five) That's one more major step toward the goal of global gaming domination! *evil grin*

Last but certainly not least, Game widow has just joined the Gaming team. She's got the will and the skill to deliver the goods to any wiki that needs it, so if you see her helping out on your wiki, say hi! Welcome to the team, Game widow!

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend!