Joe Copp

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is roller hockey goalie
  • I am in love with mac n cheese
  • Bio Gun nut and rabid Metroid loremaster
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  • Joe Copp

    At the request of other users, I'll post my most recent essay about the internet and its community here.

    Does the online community in regards to the entire world have no respect for those that control its outputs? Has the level of immaturity in those that enjoy the online community skyrocketed, or is it simply a difference of class between them and those with greater powers? The internet is obviously a priceless tool for learning and experiences, but with it comes a danger of awkward social exposure and social profiling that we, as a society in the real-world, are so very desperate to avoid. Truly, it seems as if the fundamentals of sociology and human interaction are in fact voided by the limitless bonds of the internet and its online comm…

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