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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is Student/Writer/Animator
  • I am ready to help you!
  • JoeyTheN64Guy

    Hello everyone. Today we will be discussing when a user should report a problem to Wikia Staff via Special:Contact . These staff members work very hard to give the users a pleasant time at Wikia. Many of them are associated with VSTF , which aid users with spam issues , vandalism , listing Wikis to be closed by Staff that do not abide by the Terms of Use , and more. So, the question remains: When is it allowed to contact Wikia Staff? The answer would be anytime, however the following guidelines will help users prevent wasting the time of the Staff and of their own.


    Do [1] Only when a user feels threatened by a potential cyber attack for their personal information, that is when it is time to contact a Staff member immediately for ass…

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  • JoeyTheN64Guy

    Hello everyone!

    I am sure you have found Wikia by some kind of means, whether that be from a friend referral or by searching for information yourself. To those that continue to remain active within Wiki communities, I ask you: "What impels you?". That will be the topic question for this blog post. Is it that you enjoy visiting your online buddies each and every day? Is it perhaps because you have a passion for a particular series or subject?

    In my opinion, I originally created my Wiki to spend my time with close friends of mine. However, Wikia also gave me many other purposes. We now have a significant purpose, and a passion for helping others. Being the Founder, I have now taken the role of a leader. I am responsible for the content of the Wik…

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  • JoeyTheN64Guy

    Hey everyone! Joey here. Today, I will be giving you some tips to help edit and personalize your userpages to really make them stand out from the rest. While I am not an expert myself, I feel as though I should share my knowledge to help some users out.

    Please also see this Help page for details I may have left out.

    In my opinion, the point of a userpage is to define you as a user. Are you creative? Are you a hard worker? Do you have any interesting traits? You are able to fully personalize your page exactly how you want it. Using the Bullet and Numbered List, it is very easy to organize and categorize who you are and what you like.

    With the large selection of media at your disposal, you can surely display what you enjoy for all to see.  Are …

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  • JoeyTheN64Guy

    Wikia Suggestion

    August 2, 2015 by JoeyTheN64Guy

    Hey everyone! Joey here, and an idea had come to mind when comes to navigation on the WikiActivity . Lately, there has been a very helpful Insights board on the top left, above the Live! Chat . I was wondering if it was possible to customize where these boards are placed (Insights , Live Chat , Community Message board , etc.). If so, is it allowed considering this placement is the default for all Wikia? I just believe if the majority of my community would like, let's say, the Live! Chat to be on the very top of the page, that should be implemented. It would allow Wikias to be even more personalized, and in general be more convenient for the users that enter every single day. The way I would imagine to do such as task would be in CSS. Than…

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  • JoeyTheN64Guy

    Hello everyone! My name's Joey, and I thought I'd participate more on this Wiki to get to know some of you. Firstly, I suppose I should introduce myself and where I came from. I'm the Founder of the ScarfHeroes Wiki . If you are wanting to know more about it, feel free to check it out, but I'll give the premise to those who don't have that much time on their hands. To summarize, it is a Wiki created to help those dealing with struggles in their life, whether it be temporary or permanent, or dealing with depression or anxiety. Basically, it is meant to form a comradery for one another. The purpose of the scarf (and weapon) is to further personalize and feel accepted. I believe if one considers personalization, one would feel unique and gain…

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