Hey everyone! Joey here. Today, I will be giving you some tips to help edit and personalize your userpages to really make them stand out from the rest. While I am not an expert myself, I feel as though I should share my knowledge to help some users out.

Please also see this Help page for details I may have left out.

Helpful Tips

Purpose & Usage

In my opinion, the point of a userpage is to define you as a user. Are you creative? Are you a hard worker? Do you have any interesting traits? You are able to fully personalize your page exactly how you want it. Using the Bullet and Numbered List, it is very easy to organize and categorize who you are and what you like.

Features & Media

With the large selection of media at your disposal, you can surely display what you enjoy for all to see.  Are you a fan of sports? Perhaps you can add an image of a ball. Interested in a particular song or YouTuber? Feel free to add a video. Do you have an overwhelmingly large amount of photos you would like to share? The Gallery, Slideshow, and Slider will do wonders.

HTML & Source

For those slightly more advanced users, Source allows you to position, adjust, resize, and possibly add some color to your page. Basically, there are specific coding for different kinds of stuff. For example, if you enter Source mode and add " (Enter text here) " (check in Source mode),  it will add a line through the text between those parameters. For color, each has a "Hex code" to pinpoint the exact shade and type you want. You can refer to this page all about it.

You can also add something known as a Tabber. This allows users to click through a set of tabs to separate your userpage into as many segments you want. You can refer to the Help page about it,  or use my userpage as reference.


So with all of this said, I hope you enjoy your time on Wikia. It is truly somewhere to make friends, contribute to something awesome, and to work as a community. Let me know if you have any further questions. I just want to help, and have a great day. =)