Hello everyone!

I am sure you have found Wikia by some kind of means, whether that be from a friend referral or by searching for information yourself. To those that continue to remain active within Wiki communities, I ask you: "What impels you?". That will be the topic question for this blog post. Is it that you enjoy visiting your online buddies each and every day? Is it perhaps because you have a passion for a particular series or subject?

In my opinion, I originally created my Wiki to spend my time with close friends of mine. However, Wikia also gave me many other purposes. We now have a significant purpose, and a passion for helping others. Being the Founder, I have now taken the role of a leader. I am responsible for the content of the Wiki I had created, and all of the users within it. I have not only gained skills and experience in leadership, but I also continue to remain a part of Wikia because I enjoy the feeling of contributing to something. Communities not only have the freedom of establishing a set of rules and policies, but they also accomplish goals together as a whole.

Some Wikis can even go further with projects that would help contribute the world! Groups of users that decide it is time to shoot for the stars and fortunately for them, they frequently do make a a positive difference.

That question is a very important one to ask, because finding the answer will lead to a better experience at Wikia. Finding your purpose on Wikia or life in general, will be the factor that develops a drive and dedication to your work.