Hello everyone! My name's Joey, and I thought I'd participate more on this Wiki to get to know some of you. Firstly, I suppose I should introduce myself and where I came from. I'm the Founder of the ScarfHeroes Wiki . If you are wanting to know more about it, feel free to check it out, but I'll give the premise to those who don't have that much time on their hands. To summarize, it is a Wiki created to help those dealing with struggles in their life, whether it be temporary or permanent, or dealing with depression or anxiety. Basically, it is meant to form a comradery for one another. The purpose of the scarf (and weapon) is to further personalize and feel accepted. I believe if one considers personalization, one would feel unique and gain some sort of self esteem. Each Scarf Hero in this case has their own colored scarf, each needing to be different from each other. While the Scarf Heroes Wiki is to help benefit to those in social need, it has certainly been straining and heartbreaking. We have more than fifty members now, and to hear each and every story, history, and life struggles every one of these users has been through can really be hard. With that said, I can't give up on these people.

However, the goals don't just stop there. What would the contents of the pages be, if my Wiki is only to help users socially (I.E: Using our Live! Chat)? That can be answered with this, it is a project I continue to develop with a passion. The Scarf Heroes universe, which I dream to later progress into becoming an anime. What is the plot? What are the characters? How do you plan to get this achieved? Can anyone join the Scarf Heroes? I get asked many similar questions such as these. The plot involves an eighteen year old girl in a grim and horrifying nuclear apocalyptic world. Full of radiation, undead, maniacs, and mutated creatures. She enters a metropolis built to protect the people within, and meets her new friends (fellow Scarf Heroes). If the plot seems a bit dull or not of interest, I have one more aspect to share about it. I believe symbolism is a very important in the development of a particular story. It's what allows the viewer to fully understand by making connections. I plan on having a lot of it, so the plot continues to be interesting and enthralling. If you want to learn what symbolism we have so far, please click here. The characters are a mix of us, and fictional characters we like to create. This not only allows our users to have that amazing feeling in contributing to something, but it also adds their flair to the Scarf Heroes Universe. I plan on getting this all of this achieved by fully expanding our universe with awesome content, creating short animations on our official YouTube channel, hopefully grow some kind of fanbase, and gain an animation team to begin anime production. It may seem like a long shot, but this is definitely one of my projects in the making. Yes, anyone can join the Scarf Heroes group if they are respectful, trustworthy, and friendly.

Either way, the point of this blog was to make connections with users here, to let them know what we provide at SH. If anyone is having any trouble in their life, and just needs a hand to help them through it. Please, I urge you to come stop by for a visit. Remember, we are not professionals, just users trying to help one another, and make new friends along the way. Oh! If we can reach our goals such as get some kind of financial flow from our upcoming animation productions, we'll be sure to donate the money to trusted charities.

Like I said, our Wiki was made to help as many people possible in the best way we can. Thank you very much for reading, and have a very nice day!