Hello everyone. Today we will be discussing when a user should report a problem to Wikia Staff via Special:Contact . These staff members work very hard to give the users a pleasant time at Wikia. Many of them are associated with VSTF , which aid users with spam issues , vandalism , listing Wikis to be closed by Staff that do not abide by the Terms of Use , and more. So, the question remains: When is it allowed to contact Wikia Staff? The answer would be anytime, however the following guidelines will help users prevent wasting the time of the Staff and of their own.


Do [1]

Only when a user feels threatened by a potential cyber attack for their personal information, that is when it is time to contact a Staff member immediately for assistance.

Don't [1]

If an issue regarding certain inappropriate aspects such as swearing in the Chat arises, depending on the rules and policies created within that Wiki, that is the responsibility of that Wiki's Bureaucrats , Admins , and Chat Moderators . Not the responsibility or concern of the Staff members.

Do [2]

If a Wiki does not abide by the Terms of Use , users may contact Staff to request that it be removed. In most cases, it is the content of the Wiki that they will be looking for, not the Live Chat behavior. This includes pages, forum posts, and blog posts. Content involving explicit sexual, discriminatory, or abusive wording or media will be elligible to be taken down entirely.

Don't [2]

Do not contact Staff to remove a Wiki when one feels bothered by its community. This includes that particular Wiki's rules and policies, and behavior in general. If they abide by the Terms of Use , they may function their community however they wish.

Do [3]

Contact VSTF Staff if multiple Wikis are being infested with excessive and ongoing vandalism, they will help clear up the issue: w:c:VSTF:Report:Vandalism.

Don't [3]

Avoid contacting Staff when it is an individual issue with a single user. This user most likely only has issues with that particular Wiki, and should only be blocked by the Wiki's Bureaucrat(s) or Admin(s).

To conclude, be sure to fully understand the Terms of Use before reporting a certain issue. If anyone has any questions or concerns, they can contact Community Central members such as Sannse , Josephyr , and Ducksoup .

The Community Central forums are also very useful in finding answers.

Best regards, and enjoy your day.