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Hello there Wikia staff and contributers! I am JohnJcshua and is a administrator moderator of several YouTuber-related wikis. As you know, I have an adoption request for the AndrewArcade Wiki because the founder and only administrator is absent from the wikia.

So my problem is that my request have been sitting on the New Request category for five days straight and I even edited it a little bit so that it could be noticed. However, I don't mean to pester any wiki staff member because I know there is alot of wiki's before mine that have requested already, but I think this should go smidge faster because some abilities for the wikia is out of my reach and I hope to contribute and help more to the wiki. 

Here is the request page: Adoption for AndrewArcade Wiki

Thank you for your time and I hope you do answer in the comments. But please no harsh words please, I'm just here to file a suggestion or as you call it complaint.

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