I am posting this so ALL Wikia staff can see. User:Pearson1919 and his various accounts are blackmailing the [ POTCO Players Wiki], threatening to have us shut down because we "banned him unfairly." I banned him because he threatened to hunt down and kill someone who was going to crash a party in an online game, but the kid said he was gonna crash it on the wiki. I banned him, and he also has a history of rude and obnoxious comments. He has also insulted I and other users across several other wikis including a wiki that has caused a lot of fights, POTCO Free Wiki. I trolled on that wiki, but only because Pearson has been attacking me non-stop. With blackmail (threatened us in POTCO), he should deserve a Global Block. Someone also sent our wiki hate mail, and he got ahold of it, and is going to send it to you guys saying WE sent it to HIM if we don't unblock him (that's the blackmail). Thank you for reading.