Hello everyone!

My name is joletole, or you can call me Chris. If you did not know, I am the current founder of the "Book Club Wiki", or more commonly known as the "Books Hub." The books hub was the first hub to be created in a series of many. I decided I would let you in on a little bit of history.

Pre-Wiki On the day I created the wiki, it was just like any other wiki. Nothing special, nothing cool about it, just me wanting to host a book club so other people around my town could use it. Little did I know, a couple months later, Asnow89 walked right into my wiki, sat down, and changed everything. She made everything look awesome, and she even promoted the wiki on the front page of community central.

One day, asnow left me a message on my wall saying how my wiki was changed into the "Books Hub" wiki. A bunch more of these wikis were created, a bunch of them are featured on the front page of Wikia!

I was lost in words. I was more then excited to get this project started, but, I had an arch enemy, school.

Everything leading up to now Sadly, throughout the past few months, I have not been able to be so active. This is because studies come before the internet. I know that if I spent more time on my wiki, I might have made my own changes, or done my own stuff, but wikia took it and ran with it, and I could not be happier.

So, what I am trying to say here is...Thank you wikia! Thank you for giving me the chance to get my wiki to be such a ripple in the community.

As I always say...

Keep reading! -Joletole