Many people on Wikia usually stare at the Start a Wiki page and wonder what to create. If you are one of those people, please read this guide so that never happens again.

More, and More and More Wikis

If you are new, then you probably start out with your first wiki. Then you get bored of that wiki, and you create a new wiki. Then a new one, and a new one. So, the way you stop that is plan your wiki out.


First, think of a topic that will appeal to you, and many other people to. But once you got that topic, don't just jump start right into creating a wiki. Right on a piece of paper all of the pages that might be on your wiki. Then, on your test wiki (if you don't have one, it is a great idea) make a simple design for you main page. Now, you can create your wiki.


So, you just have created your wiki. You probably want to go straight ahead and hit the edit button on your main page. Don't do that, you won't have any more time to make the pages. So, first, check your list and create all the pages on that list. Those pages could only have one line. Then, add pictures. Not just random pictures, pictures that are your topic. Once you reach 40-50 pages, then you can work on you homepage.

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