Hello all!

I am Josephyr, and I am writing this because I’m addicted to Wikia going to share a couple of my favorite things about Wikia! Emoticon-dance

So, as a quick background overview, I first found Wikia after I Google-searched a game my brother was playing. Upon stumbling upon this thing called a “wiki”, I was instantly shocked at how organized and creatively it was set up. I quickly dove into editing, and every since then, it’s become one of my favorite pastimes. 

So since that is all clear, let me jump right into my favorite things about Wikia!

Addicted to Wikia

1. The ability to create a wiki on any topic, and edit and grow it into a wonderful database.

This was, and still is, my #1 favorite thing about Wikia. Battle Nations (the game I mentioned earlier) was still new, not well-known, and there weren’t many players. However, a user decided that they wanted a wiki on it, and created one. Despite never contributing themselves, a few loyal players teamed up together to grow the wiki into a fantastic database on the game, continually expanding and growing it with information until it was beating the game’s own website in terms of views and interactiveness.

This is the same for any topic, and any wiki. A person can sign up for Wikia free of charge, create a wiki on a topic they want, and edit to their heart’s content! 

Whether the topic is on a game, a movie, or even a favorite hobby, Wikia is an open place where everyone is welcome to contribute to! (Except for those spammers… get outta here ya little rascals before I ban you!).

2. Interacting with diverse communities.

During my time on Wikia, one of my favorite things is to interact and talk with users! Everyone is unique in their own way, and getting the chance to meet, talk, give help, share info, and just goof off sometimes with other people is fantastic.
Wikia friends
Whether I’m visiting a wiki chat that I’ve never been to before, or just “chilling” (is that what the young kids say these days?) with some ‘ol Wikia friends, getting the chance to interact with fellow users who share a passion for editing and growing their communities is a wonderful experience, which is why I give it a top spot on my list. I’ve made many good friends during my time on this site, and I look forward to making many more! 

3. Learning skills.

Time and time again, I’ve heard many people say “Wikia has helped me learn so much”, but in my case, this is especially true. When I started out, I was a neophyte, a rookie, or even… *gasps* a noob. 

Yet, this all changed over time.
Wikia noob

This is an accurate representation of me when I first joined Wikia.

Whether it was learning that I had to communicate and work with fellow editors to get things accomplished, working with HTML/CSS/JS/scripts/bots, or even just simple editing in wikitext, I learned many wonderful tips, and gained lots of knowledge, along the way. Sure, it was a pain sometimes, and occasionally, I wanted to just say “FORGET THIS JUNK”, and yes… there were and are times I still make amateur mistakes (like forgetting a comma in a JS page and wondering why nothing is working), but they all have helped me grow in editing fortitude and knowledge.

Now, I could go on and list probably 20 more, but alas, this is a blog and not a ramble.

So, I hoped you enjoyed reading this post, and please do share what are some of your favorite things about Wikia in the comments below!