Joshua Ray Barkfelt


  • I live in All around our box and us
  • My occupation is an actor and cast leader
  • I am our gender (Not gendered, genderless, etc.)
  • Joshua Ray Barkfelt

    The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War is a video game and movie about a god name Joshua Barkfelt saving the omniverse he created. When Josh is going to save his creations from the false version of him, he might need a team with KER-FISH INFINITIVE ABSOLUTE ZERPOTENCES (the biggest number of all numbers that are bigger than beyond infinity) of all heroes and villains (the villains do not want to be bad ever again, because they get tired of being evil) from all versions from all websites, books, TV shows, video games, thoughts and the real worlds from all space and time in the omniverses from all animations that exists and not existing in the past, present and future. If it is too late, the omniverse shall be in eternal trouble and danger.…

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