The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War is a video game and movie about a god name Joshua Barkfelt saving the omniverse he created. When Josh is going to save his creations from the false version of him, he might need a team with KER-FISH INFINITIVE ABSOLUTE ZERPOTENCES (the biggest number of all numbers that are bigger than beyond infinity) of all heroes and villains (the villains do not want to be bad ever again, because they get tired of being evil) from all versions from all websites, books, TV shows, video games, thoughts and the real worlds from all space and time in the omniverses from all animations that exists and not existing in the past, present and future. If it is too late, the omniverse shall be in eternal trouble and danger. Could the entire team save the omniverse before it's in evil hands? Find out at The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War. The game and movie have the same animation of SSB4.

Name: The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War

Type: Video game and movie

Animation: SSB4

Number of levels in the game: 10000000

Number of scenes in the movie: 1000

Movie duration: 8 hours and 59 minutes

Number of characters in the game and movie: KER-FISH INFINITIVE ABSOLUTE ZEROPOTENCES.

Creator of the wiki: Joshua Barkfelt

Creators of the game and movie: all creators of all TV shows, video games, books and images.

Rated: Everyone 10 years old and up.

Plot 9 hundred thousand million billion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion octillion nonillion decillion yotta years (each yotta year is a septillion years) ago, the Joshua Barkfelt, the creator of the omniverse, had been seeing another of himself and he met him and his name is "the fake Omnipotent" and all he wants to do is to destroy the omniverse. The fake version of Josh used his cannon to shot the real Josh and he is gone then the fake Josh leaves. Now the real Josh appeared out of the smoke and creates a secret base for the team he will need. He gives all heroes and villains (the villains gets tired of being evil) from all TV shows, video games, books, thoughts, websites, and images from all space and time in all omniverses that are existing and not existing in the past, present and future messages and also "makes them family again after the adventure." All the heroes and villains have messages in the arrows the real Josh shoot on every door and they go to a stadium that is big enough to have all the heroes and villains that are hired. The real Joshua gets seen by all who are in the stadium and he brings a big space ship to bring the heroes and villains to their new base. Now they all go to the base and get ready for Joshua's speech. The heroes and villains are now in the meeting with Josh to be the leader. Josh picked the name of the team: The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War. Now they spring into action to take down the fake Josh and they are ready to save the omniverse.

First the team are going underground for the beginning of the adventure. The team and Josh are battling a big hydra with a septillion heads and wings. Josh pulls out a weapon to defeat the hydra, but instead, he pulls out an apple, then a pair of jeans. Now he pulls out a knife, then uses the knife to slay the hydra in the heart. The team saw an army of "Josh clones" and they use a big explosion ability at the army. The team and Josh are talking about something what's going on and the enemies came from the fake Josh and he appears in his spirit form and real Josh said "Seems to me that you are outnumbered KER-FISH INFINITIVE ABSOLUTE ZEROPOTENCES-to-one. We're heroes of the omniverse." The team fights, but fake Josh is too powerful to be beaten and he'll see the team at Meteo-Teck. The team and Real Josh are powerless but they cannot ever give up until fake Josh is defeated, then the team proclaimed their team role call. The team saw a large phoenix and Josh dashes through and jumps, then he starts his final attack to the phoenix: Eclipse Strike. The team comes to Josh and Sonic the Hedgehog (Joshua's big brother that adopted Josh and take him to Mobius) is now mad at Josh for him being better than him. The team chants the two for a fight and Josh and Sonic attacks each other uncontrollably fast. The team stops chanting, now they laugh at the two that they are missing their targets. Josh said "STOP FIGHTING!!!!!" than the team continues the adventure and they go to a pyramid. Josh enters the top of the pyramid and accidentally whipped a rock and it moved, then a trap goes off, sending a giant bolder and the team screamed except for Josh and then runs away. The team takes a short cut to the exit and they are looking at Josh and he hits the bolder upwards with a hammer, then the bolder is out the pyramid.

The team are in a volcano and they need a bridge, they go through the lava except for Josh that he is walking in lava. The team and Josh goes to a hole with a wall and Joshua uses a drilling machine to get through the wall and goes through the staircase with 9 hundred thousand million billion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion octillion nonillion decillion googolplex of miles of steps, then the steps are disappearing when the team member who is last in line is on the 4th floor of the staircase and the team hurried up and they made it out the staircase, then Josh opens the door and found a tunnel with fast-smashing walls with burning drills spinning. Josh breaks the walls and it is safe to get through now, then there is an extremely fragile bridge that 99 hundred thousand million billion gazillion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion octillion nonillion decillion centillion googolplex yotta miles (each yotta mile is a septillion of miles) long. Under the bridge is lava that is infinity degrees hot, a million walls with drills that smashes infinity yotta miles per yoctosecond (each yoctosecond is a septillionth of seconds (yocto is the opposite of yotta)) fast, a floor of spikes, sharks and an eel that eats people. The team and Josh gets through quickly and entirely then the bridge breaks and no one is falling, then it's another battle to fight, a ginormous ghost with eight wings. Josh starts drilling through the ghost and the battle have finally won. Josh and the team goes to a secret passage with infinite darkness and Josh lights up a match on cardboard, then the cardboard catches on fire and the team and Josh are panicking too hilariously and uncontrollably and Red (a monstrous alien friend of Josh and big brother of Smokey) extinguishes the fire, then Josh inserts the match in the lamps and blows out the match, but his hands are accidentally catched on fire too and everyone is laughing at him than he explodes. when he exploded everyone stop laughing at Josh and his hands are no longer burning and the team got out the passage and are in a forest in the night, then they set up camp, but there is one thing the team forgot: fire. Josh made fire on the logs and said something about nothing that a fire needs "No mud. No mud. NOOOOOOOO MMUUUUUDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! (the word "mud" echoes a million times)." The team starts laughing again with Josh that he yelled "NOOOOOOOO MMUUUUUDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!", then the team and Josh are in their tents, in the morning, they continued the adventure and the team are warning Josh that he isn't seeing a cliff and he fell, but he is flying and the team isn't realizing that Josh has wings. The team are thinking of an idea about getting through the cliff and Josh knows how:by using a rock as a bridge, Josh founds a big rock and lift it with one hand, then throws the rock and it landed on the cliff and everyone got through the cliff. Josh founds a door that no one can not enter because it is too big and it has a lock, but good thing Josh packed up explosives and uses them on the door, then Josh is still standing next to the explosives and they explode and Josh handled the explosion and the door is gone.

Now the team and Josh are teleported in a frozen waist land and digs through the snow too fast, then falls with the team, teleported into a gigantic lava field, Zodiark (the keeper of the precepts and a serpent with 12 vast, feathered wings) rises out a volcano and the team fights with Zodiark, then Josh uses his Kingdom Key that Sora give Josh to and jumps up to the eclipse and slashes Zodiark until he is split in half. The battle is over and the team won, celebrating for Josh defeating Zodiark, and 99995 archenemies come and all the team combines all of their powers fro the final attack: Apocalypse Explosion, then the archenemies are defeated and the team and Josh have won. The team and Josh are going up the dark, creepy, scary stairs and lava is rising when the team member that is last in line is on the 6th step and the team and Josh are hurrying up to the top for 99 hundred thousand million billion zillion gazillion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion octillion nonillion decillion centillion googolplex yotta years. Now the team are out the stairs and they are safe and sound from the lava and now they are ready for the final battle when they are entered in Meteo-Teck.

The fake Josh appeared in his godlike form and repeatedly KO's the real Josh and the team are talking about the real Josh's spirit and fake Josh doesn't know because the spirits are invisible to the fake Josh. Now the team will save the fake Josh's benevolence instead of fighting himself and they jump into action, then Josh summons his Rursan Arbiter and the team battles the Arbiter and slashed it with a spork that Josh left behind, then the Rursan Arbiter is defeated. It is Fake Josh's turn and creates an infinity-ended scythe with all 26 L'cie symbols. The fake Josh's name is now Omnipotent and the team fights, but Omnipotent has infinite, eternal, limitless, unlimited omnipotence and defeated the team instantly without attacking them, causing them to be out the battle field except for one who is still in the fight: Zorua. The team is chanting for him to fight easily and omnipotent is in his humanoid form, then Josh appeared behind Omnipotent, KO'ing Omnipotent 99900 times until Omnipotent uses his core to blast Josh, then Joshua is defeated, but Omnipotent is in his 99901st form.

Now Josh will help the team to fight Omnipotent by bringing in the team members to the battle field and save the omniverse from Omnipotent and Josh brings in all the child members of the team to win the fight, then the Sweet Victory song plays when the members fight against Omnipotent. The members combined their attacks to defeat Omnipotent 10 times and he becomes his human form with a million pairs of angel wings, then he flies up to the eclipse and summons a thunder storm and fills his wings with the power of the eclipse and lightning to cause an explosion. The Open Your Heart song from the battle of Perfect Chaos plays and Omnipotent fights the members and they are using the attacks Josh uses on Omnipotent, then he is defeated 80 times. Then Omnipotent becomes a tree with gargantuan mess of countless, unlimited, demonic livings on top of it and Omnipotent himself is on top of the mess that is also his waist and the members uses a 1 hit KO attack on Omnipotent: Sword of Vengeance. The song "The Real True Last Final Battle For Freedom" song from New Final Fantasy Fanon Wikia plays and the team members are fighting Omnipotent and he starts to kill them with his sword, then he killed B-dawg, but he is still alive really far and the members are still fighting Omnipotent in his 99999th form as his semi-god form. Omnipotent accidentally impaled himself, calling the Occurians to be merged with him, then he is becoming his 100000th form: his form that is like his physical form from New Final Fantasy Fanon Wikia. The entire team and Josh is now in the battle field to combine all their powers, their stats, their everything and their spirits for the last final attack: Super Hyper Uber Fish Infinitive Absolute Zero Hero/Villain Maximum Final Finishing Victory. Omnipotent is defeated and the team except for the child members who are fighting Omnipotent some of the time are out the battle field and Omnipotent is still alive, but he stabs himself that he could never win, then he explodes and the members are dead and the team thinks they died, but they are still alive and Omnipotent said his final words "I will...never be a human." Omnipotent turns into grey mist and disappears. The team wins and Josh celebrates for their victory for finishing Omnipotent and they and Josh goes to their base (which is their eternal home) and they become a family for eternity.

Video Game

The video game, The Greatest Legendary Hero/Villain War, is a game that is rated all that it is rated perfectly for everyone 10 and up. A 3D animated game that is the same 3D animation from SSB4 with fish infinitive absolute zero of maximum extreme coolness for Playstation, X-box, all games with all characters you like. You can choose any character you want to play as, fight powerful enemies, and save the omniverse from Omnipotent and get ready for infinite, eternal, limitless, endless, unlimited fame. No limitations included, just unlimited cheat codes you want to make your own, video collections, trophy collections, challenging modes, mini games and everything what a player needs. In every store, this video game is free all the time. The game also tells you how to use attacks, use powers, shield yourself from taking damage and all. HEEEEAAAAAARRRRR THE TEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM'S RRROOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fish infinitive absolute zero !'s)