Hello hello hello. Jr Mime here.

So. Recently. Chat is getting out of hands, and it isn't helpful at all.

This is the COMMUNITY CENTRAL CHAT, it is the center of chats. It should be helpful, and not be filled with kids with problems.

I want to make some points clear, and make some changes


Mods are HUMANS, they have REAL LIVES. It is really tiring when people say "mods don't do anything", "mods are useless", "I'll be a better mod". Everyone should know mods aren't there 24/7 like some people, and not everyone is meant to be a mod.


So rules, yes.

With the current issues we have in CCC, would someone asking for help actually get help?

Short answer, no. You either have 5 people causing drama in chat, some other roleplaying and not paying attention to the person get help. I would strongly suggest having some sort of rule saying "If a person is needing help, cease all activity and actually help that person". Another thing I would suggest is NO DRAMA IN CHAT. Drama is extremely annoying and not needed in chat. When a new person comes in and sees drama, drama and drama, would he stay in chat, or run away?


So yes, CCC needs changes in my opinion. 1) No more drama. 2) No bashing mods. 3) Actually help people.

Here is another blog which everyone missed out:

Thank you, — Jr Mime (talk) 18:17, January 23, 2015 (UTC)