Hello all!

This is my first blog, but the most useful one! :P.

This blog will be used as a reference page for any useful links users can be linked to. I will regroup all of the most useful links to places which can be used to help users.

Here it goes!

Special:Contact links

Love Wikia? Don't love Wikia? Tell us why

Found a bug?

Ad breaking your page? Pornographic?

Need a wiki name change?

Want to close this wiki?

Do you have a problem with your account?

Do you want to close your account?

Do you want to rename your account?

Other form

  • Is your request:
    • Nothing of the named above?
    • A global block problem?
    • Someone stealing your contents?
    • Anything else?
  • If so, Special:Contact/general

Admin disputes

Is there an admin dispute?

Is an admin really abusing his powers?


What are bots?

Do you need an easy bot software?

A harder bot software?


What is it?

How can I customize it?

How can I customize my emoticons?

What happens when the chat is "dead"?

Why won't Staff take my screenshots to show someone is underaged in chat?

Chatting. Simply chatting.

How can I make a chat bot?

Other languages

Want to know what other languages there are?

Need help translating some pages for your wiki?

Want to have your wiki linked to others?

Staff blogs

Want to know what staffs post?

Want to know about the technical updates?

Promotion and design


Community Development team

How to attract contributors


Who are they?

How can I join?

How can I report spam/vandalism?

How about a bad wiki?

Template help

General template help/CSS




Need help with Javascript, CSS or scripts?

Want to know how to change the ADMIN tag?

Want to adopt a wiki?

Want to have a volunteered role?

Want to join the Wikia Stars?

Want to have a job at Wikia?

What are Staff Office Hours?

What are podcasts?

Want to know how do you get administrator rights on CC?

Need help, and nothing linked helps you?

Am I missing something? Just post in the comments! Hope this will be useful! :).

Jr Mime (talk) 16:19, July 7, 2014 (UTC)