• Junmint

    Catching Up

    September 4, 2017 by Junmint

    Hello guys, I know its been awhile since i last updated, but i've got great news. I got a new baby brother who is about to one years old and i have a career goal that i am real passionate about. I want to be an author. I've got alot of novel ideas and i've already started on two of them. They are coming along really well. Well, this is Junmint, Over and Out! ;)

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  • Junmint

    A Lil bit About Myself

    August 5, 2015 by Junmint

    Heyo Junmint here.Lemme tell yall a lil bit more about myself.

    My real name is Daizy Winter Jones.Im 13 and have 4 other siblings.My mom takes care of us by ourselves.I origanally from FrankFort,Kentucky but i grew up in Hawaii with my older sister,dad,stepmom,and step brother.When i was older my grandma and grandpa picked me and my sister up and dropped us off in Atlanta where we started living with my biologicall mom and my other siblings.Right now im currently living in Las Vegas,Nevada and my mom goes to college.Right now im just going into 8th grade.Well im am going to stop and keep everything else to myself.      Buh Bye!!!!!!;D

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  • Junmint

    Anime Fan

    August 4, 2015 by Junmint

    Hey ppl it's Junmint! You should know that i am an anime fan. I watch many different types of anime. Here are some of the shows that i watch:

    1. Freezing
    2. Nana
    3. RWBY
    4. Expelled from Paradise            
    5. Sword Art Online
    6. GunSlinger
    7. Irregular at Magic Highschool
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  • Junmint

    Life in WonderLand

    August 3, 2015 by Junmint

    Heyo im Junmint.I will tell you about myself.My real name is Daizy.Im 13 yrs old and i love the color purple.I love love dogs and puppies.My fave dog/puppy are husies.Any shape and size.Mostly a siberian huskie.Im into shows such as Winx Club,The Walking Dead,Raising Hope,H2O and Mako Mermaids.All shows are on netflix.Tho Smallville isnt on netflix.Thats my most faveorite show!!!!So plz tune in for more and i will spill everything Buh Bye!!!! XD P.S i love to read.

    Day 2 Hello again.Tips On a Better Future

    When i get older i want to de a designer and my mom is supporting me about.Right now im spending the summer in New Jersey wiht my grandma but i live in Las Vegas.My mom told me and my sisters to think about what we wanted to be when we get…

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