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A Lil bit About Myself

Junmint August 5, 2015 User blog:Junmint

Heyo Junmint here.Lemme tell yall a lil bit more about myself.

My real name is Daizy Winter Jones.Im 13 and have 4 other siblings.My mom takes care of us by ourselves.I origanally from FrankFort,Kentucky but i grew up in Hawaii with my older sister,dad,stepmom,and step brother.When i was older my grandma and grandpa picked me and my sister up and dropped us off in Atlanta where we started living with my biologicall mom and my other siblings.Right now im currently living in Las Vegas,Nevada and my mom goes to college.Right now im just going into 8th grade.Well im am going to stop and keep everything else to myself.      Buh Bye!!!!!!;D

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