Heyo im Junmint.I will tell you about myself.My real name is Daizy.Im 13 yrs old and i love the color purple.I love love dogs and puppies.My fave dog/puppy are husies.Any shape and size.Mostly a siberian huskie.Im into shows such as Winx Club,The Walking Dead,Raising Hope,H2O and Mako Mermaids.All shows are on netflix.Tho Smallville isnt on netflix.Thats my most faveorite show!!!!So plz tune in for more and i will spill everything Buh Bye!!!! XD P.S i love to read.

Day 2 Hello again.Tips On a Better Future

When i get older i want to de a designer and my mom is supporting me about.Right now im spending the summer in New Jersey wiht my grandma but i live in Las Vegas.My mom told me and my sisters to think about what we wanted to be when we get older and she told us to plan it out.I drew lots of desgins and i even drew something close to a blue print becuz i want to have my own company.I did research on different fabrics and when i showed my mom she was impressed.

So plan out your ideas while your young so that you will know what you want your career to be and how its going to stay sucessful.Also its super easy just to draw out your ideas and ask your older siblings for help or you parents becuz they might have some really important tips that maybe i forgotten to tell.I really do hope you are sucessful im life Buh Bye!!!:)

My New Friends

Hai,Junmint again.I just joined two days ago and i already made soo amny friends.Especially SparkelGirl21 she was nice to me and we talked up a storm and we swapped advice and tips.She and i even told deep dark secrets......just kidding we told our real names and she told something personal which im am not going to share so dont get excited.Plus a guy whose user is prince something was nice to me and we told before he had to log off.Plus im eve friends with my own sister.Her user is angelbeatsangel.So thats all for today.             Buh Bye!!!!!;D