I Have a huge crush on my biology teacher. He is so cute, but he is married that sucks. I had him as my tenth-grade teacher two years ago. He is a really nice teacher, he has a great smile too, once I told him that he was cute and he was like Get Out Here while smiling at what I said to him, then I felt bad about it, because I thought it was bad saying. Then, I wrote him a sorry letter telling him that... what I said was wrong and I was like I'm sorry'  then he was like Mbuyi, it's fine. And I was relieved, but still, I still seeing him every day, he even my coach ... how cool is that .. you guys. He is kinda annoying sometimes, but I do not hate him... I think, I should move on guys,, because he is married and I, do not like to have crushes on married man... ew. It's gross and besides, he is older than me... he is like 31 years old and I'M like 18 so no way so ... I just need to move on from him. The problem is that he's always staring at me ... and it's creepy at the same time...gosh I need to find a boy who is my age not having to crush your teacher that's gross. I know that you are not supposed to have a crush on your teachers, but I do ... we all have crushes on someone... it could be anybody that you know or anybody that you like you. So, I am going to try to move on from, besides next year is my last year at school ... oh yeah. I forgot to mention I'm still in  High School. 3 years of school now. I'm almost done with High School. I just like the teacher, only him at my school, I don't know why I like him so much...I think maybe because he is hot and everything. Anyway... I gotta stop linking him because he is married and he was my teacher.