No, this is not a clickbait, but after seeing a ridiculous amount of people who prefer the Forums (including me) over Discussions, I finally knew a solution on how to fix the problem.

The Fandom Staff want discussions and are really happy about it? Well, as you can see, Discussions has a modern interface, which may in most cases, apply to the current interface for mobile, so, the Fandom Staff should consider Discussions being the forums but in mobile.

What is more is that Forums still exist. However, ever since the introduction on Discussions, where were "pretty much" intentionally implemented due to some bugs in mobile (not really sure though), people complained that Discussions replaced the Forums in their wiki. I'm pretty sure the PC version of the forums had a very little amount of bugs. So, since a lot of people prefer Forums over Discussions, keep the Forums as a thing for PC users.

P.S. If you are in mobile, using the PC interface, you can still use the forum.