Hey guys! I'm an admin over at The One Piece Encyclopedia, and I'm here to talk about a hot topic over at our wiki:

We aren't even close to being ready for Venus Skin!

And have no idea how to go about getting ready for it! We don't even know when it is going to come out, which is another source of stress for our community. Without any kind of timeline, we don't know how hard we should try to fix our own pages. Is it coming in two weeks or 6 months? We have no clue, as far as I know.

And I've been looking around at other wikis to see if any others are ready, and I don't see any aside from the test wikis.

Even Community Central looks bad with Venus!

And unlike most people I talk to, I actually believe in the reasoning behind the Venus skin. I want mobile compatibility for my wiki. I want the right bar gone. I'm just really concerned by the lack of a timeline from staff.

I'm also really worried that Staff has still done nothing about that giant grey Recent Wiki Activity box that looks ugly and makes everything on the pages shift in the worst possible way. If Venus is supposed to put content first, why is this giant box at the top of the page instead of infoboxes?!

And one thing that I would just LOVE to see is some written instruction/help either from staff of community members that does tell us how to get our wikis ready for Venus.

So yeah, aside from getting some answers from staff about those key issues, I have a question for the community:

Is your wiki ready for Venus Skin, and if it is, how did you do it?

Thanks for reading!