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aka KC/KCC, Rina

  • I live in Texas, USA.
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is student, fangirl, Wikian, writer, otaku, novice musicologist.
  • I am 【=◈︿◈=】
  • KCCreations

    Goals for 2017

    January 1, 2017 by KCCreations

    With 2017 quickly approaching (or already here, depending on where you live), I want to ask you all two questions:

    What do you want to do in the new year to hopefully make it better than 2016 – and how do you plan to accomplish it?

    That basically sums it up.

    1. Be appropriate for Community Central.
    2. Your goal(s) can be unrelated to Fandom, but – going back to Rule #1 – stay within the Terms of Use and the Community Central Guidelines.
    3. Failure to comply with the previous two rules will result in me harnessing the power of these two adorable muffins to make you cry over an anime. (Jk)

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

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  • KCCreations

    (I got the inspiration for this blog post from an older blog of another user's, though I'm in no way trying to rip them off. In fact, give them the major credit for this if you must.)

    For Americans, there are only two weeks (and a day) left until October 31. People across the globe, on that night, will do a variety of things depending on their beliefs and/or their life circumstances—some kids may go around dressed up and begging their neighbors/friends for candy; others may stay at home and with loved ones; and still others will do nothing at all. However, even if you personally don't believe in Halloween/All Hallows' Eve/whatever you would like to call it, what I'm proposing is something in which you, too, can take part.

    While a common though…

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  • KCCreations

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, Wikians! My username is KCCreations, though you can also call me KC/KCC or Rina. I am writing this blog to tell you about one of my home wikis, the Monstercat Wiki.

    Monstercat (formerly known as Monstercat Media) is a Canadian electronic music record label based in Vancouver. It was founded in 2011 by Mike Darlington (CEO) and Ari Paunonen (COO).

    The label signs their artists on a per-track basis, giving them full copyright to a song while still allowing the artists to release other productions where they see fit. 3 new tracks are released per week (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), with an hour-long podcast every Tuesday. After a certain amount of releases—currently 30—Monstercat bundles them into a compilation…

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  • KCCreations

    Joining a "Big Wiki(a)"

    February 27, 2016 by KCCreations

    Congratulations! You've just stumbled upon a wiki(a) to which you really, really want to contribute. It has an active community, the environment is stable, and there's lots of content...

    Only problem: You're afraid of joining it.

    Never fear—from experience, I'm giving you a couple of tips on what to do to make yourself less afraid. There is no guarantee that they will work, however...but hey, you'll never know if you don't try first. ;)

    (Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to intimidate you; I'm just speaking from experience.)

    First things first: observe the wiki(a). Familiarize yourself with its policies, its general style, and its users. Make sure you understand the policies fully, the style well, and the users well also. Be patient, however, as …

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  • KCCreations

    I play among the stars and then fall so low...

    Jeff Montalvo (born March 31, 1987 in Santa Barbara, California, United States), known under his stage name Seven Lions, is an American music producer and DJ. His interest in music production began when he was 7 years old, and though he was initially raised as a metal and punk-inclined drummer, he eventually chose to segue into the electronic scene.

    Though as of now he is yet to release a full-fledged studio album, he has released several extended plays, including but not limited to:

    1. Polarized, released in 2012;
    2. Days to Come, also released in 2012;
    3. and Worlds Apart, released in 2014—also the EP this chat skin is based on


    How to Install

    To use this chat skin for yourself, add the following to (fo…

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