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Hello, Community Central! I also want to promote another Wiki that I work on...the Maximum Ride Wiki!

I'm going to bet that most of you have never heard of Maximum Ride, so I'll give an explanation. (I'm going to try not to spoil the series to the best of my abilities.)

Basically, it's a novel series about six kids—who are known collectively as the Flock— that had their DNA altered at a young age by a lab known as the School. The genetic alterations not only scarred the Flock in physical, emotional, and psychological ways, but it also gave them 2% avian (bird) genes in addition to human DNA. As if being only 98% human wasn't bad enough for them, they also have one other thing to hide from normal humans: actual wings!

Four years before, they'd escaped the School with help from a scientist named Jeb Batchelder, who had smuggled them to a hideaway in the mountains of Colorado. Two years later, he'd disappeared...and two years after that, at the story's beginning, everything is about to change for the Flock.

The series revolves around the Flock trying to escape the clutches of their various enemies (who really want them back!) while their leader, Maximum—also known as just Max—learns to accept and carry out her ultimate mission: she must save the world.

If you are interested in reading the series, go ahead and try it out!
If you already have and want to join the MRW...yay!
If you are not interested and don't want to join...well, everyone's got their own opinions. And I bet there's another Wiki out there that you could help instead!

If you decided you want to join, I, KCCreations, am an admin over there. I can help answer your questions. Maximum Ride Nudge, the other admin (and also the only bureaucrat), can help you as well. There's also Rider ranger47, who has never read the series (but is a huge help with the CSS!). Since he's never read the books, please don't go around asking him stuff like, "How old is Max?" :P

(P.S: Writers, we also have a fanfiction wiki! :) )