Despite the somewhat mixed reception at first, people will grow tired of it, and move to other wiki farms. In a desperation to get everybody back, they get rid of Oasis and bring back a slightly altered version of Monaco three months later. The original version of monaco will only be available to wikis stored on certain offsite servers. People will then find a way to hack the database specifically so that their wiki will be on those servers. After a few years, Wikia will bring Oasis back under a different name, and people won't really mind that much. Thus, proving that Oasis is the information age's equivalent to New Coke... unless...

We fight. We keep fighting. We don't have to stop tomorrow. We keep fighting, to bring back Monaco. We fight until Wikia has banned their entire userbase. The userbase they wouldn't listen to. Look, Wikia Staff, I know you're trying to seem more "professional", but most companies actually listen to the consumer. Completely disregarding what the consumer says and just going ahead and doing whatever the fuck you want with your product is very un-professional.

Wikia, what I'm saying is you can keep both Oasis AND Monaco. If Monaco is too hard to mantain on the offsite servers, then move the server onsite