So, this is my first post. As I said on my main page, I am known as Kafei Lawliet, or K. As I also said, I was given that nickname by a friend, who is known as Matt- speaking of Matt, I am starting to worry about him. He, his friend Mello and the weird boy named Near left the orphanage a few months ago. This wasn't considered too strange, since they are all legally old enough to live alone- but the rest of us were told nothing. I have my suspicions about why they have gone- after all, I am being trained as a detective- but my primary one is that everything has gone wrong. I think they were sent off to tackle an ongoing investigation... but if they were, that could only mean one thing: our leader, our mentor, whose name I cannot mention... let's call him Ryuzaki. Ryuzaki has failed. We normally hear from him about once a month, but he hasn't spoken to us since before Matt, Mello and Near left, and that's just another clue... it's the most plausible explanation. If even Ryuzaki could fail, I dread to think what could have happened to the others- I don't consider them as smart as Ryuzaki.

Society will go down the drain unless they succeed.

Kafei Lawliet