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    Homeworld and Fusions

    July 16, 2016 by Kaila 01

    Blue diamond: When Ruby and Sapphire fused Blue Diamond was not happy, she even wanted shattering to be enforced apon Ruby

    Jasper: Jasper also doensn't like fusion (i think) as she says "fusion is just a cheap tatic to make weak gems stronger"

    Homeworld gems in The Answer: They had a suprised "youshouldnotbedoingthat" expression as they towered over Ruby and Saphhire after they fused.

    Peridot: She doesn't mind fusion unless they are fused for no reason but she's gotten use to it.

    I think that fusion is dissed upon because the diamonds don't want any other gems to fuse and over power them and try to shatter them. I think that long, long ago when Pink Diamond was still in the authority fusion was allowed and Rubys were in the ground for the righ…

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