ive never done this before...that said I was attempting to respond to General Verana i have told several of my friends whom i have turned onto the belgariad and mallorean also the elenium...eddings imo is a master...David and Leigh filled my troubled childhood w/ memories il treasure forever i loved their work so much that as an adult i chased the books down and paid w/e i had to to own them...i had a housefire that took them and everything i had but my life from me..all i cared about was my books...i was alive and that was family and friends got them ALL again for digital audio format....i will have then always as my parents keep a digital master in their yes Verana....we are here.....if you see this you can be sure you are not alone i have signed up and are a community member now so if you want to talk eddings universe im always excited to do fore warned im not a english teacher...puntuation wont be happening and capital letters when i think about it...but good converstaion with an eddings based theme will be in no short supply....and thats for anybody w/ a taste for eddings i dont know how to inbox people yet but im looking this site over to figure the workings out so if i cant get right back personally immediatly i will not be long