(please excuse the mispelled title "SIPA")

I know what has been happening, and I know a lot/everybody (of people) is very upset. But one think we need to remember is that it is here to help the fight against online piracy. A lot of the economy issues are from business's failing. Several reasons why that might be. One is piracy. A company could get 200$ for a computer. But, when people steal the designs, or steal the computer in general and sell it for much less MEANS that the company is losing 200$. Eventually causing bankruptcy. These laws are meant to help the economy.


This law will effect wikia, blogs, etc. because a wiki site may not know they have anything that this bill is trying to stop. So in the end, is the bill really that bad, or is it helpful? I'm torn. I do not want the bill to pass, but it still is important to keep in mind this. Also, do not trash me for saying this. I'm speaking the truth and putting another POV out there.

Do you still think PIPA and SOPA are bad?

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