• KateWolf

    How many pages does your favorite wiki have. If it dosen't have very many pages do you ever add new pages to improve the wiki.

    Also do you make many edits or do you only post blogs or comment.

    Awnser these questions. If you always comment and don't really contrribute to the wiki, you should start.

    Also be TRUTHFUL when you awnser.

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  • KateWolf


    May 30, 2011 by KateWolf

    Okay so if you could take just of a few seconds to help me that would be great.

    How do you create a gallery on a page.Also how do do youy make a slideshow? I made a new wiki and I want to make gallerys and slide shows on characters's pages.

    Thankyou,hope I'm not taking to much of your time

    - KateWolf

    How do I ban people.I have no idea how.Just in case someone gets out of hand on a fanon wiki I made.



    - KateWolf

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  • KateWolf

    Hello I have recently founded a new fanon wiki for the movie Alpha and Omega.I want it to be a success and grow fastly.It would be much apreciated if you would join.It will be much more fun if more people give their oppinions.I hope you consider joining!

    Here's the link :

    Enjoy !

    KateWolf 01:32, May 25, 2011 (UTC)

    Today we have started a new attraction for the wiki.It is called the wolf pack. Everyone who joins will be part of the wolf pack.It depends if you're an Alph,anOmega or a beta by how many edits and how many badges you have.Only the admins and Bearuticrats will be Alphas.Also the wiki's name has been changed to Alpha and Omega Fanon Wiki.

    Have a nice day.


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