aka KT4MAN

  • I live in the moon (essex gulf 4lyf (it's on the moon))
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is lazietowner
  • I am xy xym xee
  • Katie4man

    hi babes

    January 25, 2017 by Katie4man

    hey there. My name is Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way. some preps stared at me so i put my middle finger up at them.  i had a lunch date with robbie rotten and we played baseball together and didn't sleep very well because we didn't sleep at 8:08! what bad man children we are. Katiecus for life, He Has Angered me.

    the reson i began this quest on fandom is to find my one true soulmate amanda_mauno. plz tell her i give the lov

    gotta tell you hoes something...... CASH ME OUSIDE HOW BOW DAH..... amanda love me back. we went on your fandom page (royal we) and we also know Crisp Guy. there's something between us.. i can tell. you are the perfect man.

    got to dash because my cake is almost ready cuz we gotta do the cooking by the book! (break it down b*…

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