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    KONY 2012

    March 10, 2012 by Kawaii-ko

    This guy named Joseph Kony is wandering around a place in Africa right now. He has an army named the LRA. It stands for Lord's Resistance Army. And guess what their crime is? Making girls sex slaves and boys child soliders to kill people, including their parents, or ruining people's faces. Breaking in people's houses and stealing children to do that. So our goal is trying to MAKE KONY FAMOUS. Not to celebrate him, but to raise support to make people help us and the Invisible Children and the USA Army try to catch him and arrest him. When the army finally arrests Kony, we all hope all the children will go back to their homes and parents. That's our final goal. Jason Russell, the director of the YouTube channel Invisible Children made the KONY2012…

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