Hello to the people who are reading this.

The 30 Day Writing Challenge will take place from the 8th of June 2015 to the 8th of July 2015. From the 6th to the 7th of June, if you wish to enter, please place your name forward in chat or in the blog comments. The list of users participating will be updated on the morning of the 8th of June, along with the day's theme. NO entries for participation will be accepted after 00:00 GMT on the 8th of June.

After all the entries have been counted and verified, the stories will be linked on Community Central chat, and voting will take place on the story's page, which will be a blog by the author, for two hours afterwards. NO votes will be counted after the two hours. This will happen each day after all participants have put forth their stories. 

Authors may choose to skip a theme, but this will result in a major point loss, as not only are you missing out on 10-15 points, but the fee for missing a theme is 8 points.

Rules for Participation:

1. Stories must NOT violate Wikia's ToU. It must also comply with Community Centrals rules. Stories that violate these will be disqaulified. If you do this more than 3 times. all of your stories will be disqualified and you will be banned from the rest of the challenge.

2. Stories must not be more than 6-7 paragraphs long.

3. Any stories published after voting has ended will be disqaulified.

4. Stories must be in English.

Rules for Voting:

1. You may only vote for two stories at a time.

2. Voting for the same author more than 4 times in a row is not allowed. This prevents unfair wins.

3. Authors may not vote for themselves, and can only vote for one story at a time.

List of Participants:



Arthedain The Darkbringer


Celestial Dreamer

Fujiwara No Mokou




Godzilla Gamer

Day One: 00:00 8th of June to 00:00 9th of June

Day One theme: Childhood Frienship, Teenage Romance

Day One results: 

Godzilla Gamer: -8 Points

Day Two: 00:00 9th of June to 00:00 10th of June

Day Two theme: Supernatural

Day Two results:

Day Three: 00:00 10th of June to 00:00 11th of June

Day Three theme: Creative Writing. Free choice.

Day Three results:

Day Four: 00:00 11th of June to 00:00 12th of June

Day Four theme: WW1, WW2 or WW3

Day Four results:

Day Five: 00:00 12th of June 00:00 13th of June

Day Five theme: Horror

Day Five results:

Day Six: 00:00 13th of June to 00:00 14th of June

Day Six theme: Sci-Fi

Day Six results:

Day Seven: 00:00 14th of June to 00:00 15th of June

Day Seven theme: Fallout

Day Seven results:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or AngelJay, an admin for this challenge at any time. Good luck and happy writing!