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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day One - KawaiiUnicorn

                                                 Childhood Friendship, Teenage Romance

They weren't meant to be friends. Not in any circumstance. Her mother had scolded her many times. His mother was afraid. The girl with the light blonde pigtails and the boy with the yellow star on his coat. She was eight. He was nine. Heidi was part of the BDM. Ezra was constantly fighting for his life. They were from two different worlds, but seemed to act as if none of that was a problem.

And that's when Ezra dissapeared. 

Heidi hadn't seem him or his sister in weeks. His parents had dissapeared a few days before them. Everyday she walked past his house. And everyday the smashed windows didn't change. Everyday the torn down door didn't change.

It was only when the reports of the camps came in, she realised what had happened.

It was 1943. And the girl with the light blonde pigtails began crying, as the boy with the yellow star on his coat began working.

It was almost 8 years later before they saw each other again. Heidi recognised him instantly. And she flung himself at him. And the girl with the blonde pigtails, and the boy with no yellow star on his coat kissed.

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