The echo of footsteps ringed out from the hallway, only to be silenced by a body in the path. Flickering lights hung from the ceiling, threatening to fall at any moment.

"I've got no hold me down...."

The body twisted violently in the air, the sound of bones cracking filling the once empty silence. 

"...To make me fret, to make me frown..."

Lotti's singing continued, as the body was flung against the wall, out of her way. She continued to walk, doing the same to anything that got in her way. Now she was free. Now she didn't have scientists staring at her constantly.

It had started when she was a baby. Instead of crying like a normal baby, she would just have to wait. And her parents would walk right over to her, their eyes blank, and feed her. It would go like this, day in, day out.

And then she turned 6. And that's when she was taken to the labs. She escaped for the first time when she was 7. She was 15 now.

Lotti continued to walk down the hallway, lights falling behind her and shattering. Her head began hurting and nose began bleeding. She had used it too much. As she began sliding down the wall, a smile appeared on her face, as the one opposite her exploded, a large piece of debry falling towards her. Only, they never collided. The shattered lump of bricks was floating mid-air, before crashing back to the other side, killing whoever was there.

This was only the beginning.