If some of you remember, a couple of months back I started something called "KawaiiUnicorn's Writing Challenge" which I ultimately ended up abandoning due to having virtually no time to update and check the blogs.

But now i'm bringing it back. 

This is the updated 30 Day Writing Challenge, now known as the 52 week Writing Challenge.


1. Please make sure your story is in line with the Community Central guidelines, and Wikia's ToU. This includes, but is not limited to: No profanity, gore, pornography. No soliciting other people's information. No personal information.

2. Please do not copy from other people's stories, or already existing books/fanfiction.

3. Please make sure stories are in on time, or they won't be counted. 

4. Please make sure you are over the age of 13 to compete.

5. Please make sure your story is of propper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Also, please make sure your story is in English.



Fujiwara No Mokou

Arthedain The Darkbringer




Week One - 18th-25th of October

Week one will kick off with the story theme: Your Country, Your History. 

Please write a story of a past event, relevent to your country of origin. While trying to stay true to the nature of the event, please try not to offend someone.